UFO sightings

1561-04-14  mass sighting Nuremberg Germany Described as a battle in the sky lasting about 1 hour, which ended with a large crash with smoke outside the city (as depicted), and consequently not a simple atmospheric phenomenon (“sun dog” or parhelion). A News notice (an early form of newspaper) and engraving published in Nuremberg described the event, which is kept in the Wickiana collection, Zurich.

1886-10-24 Maracaibo Incidence Maracaibo Venezuela In a letter printed in the December 18, 1886 issue of Scientific American, page 389, the US consul of Venezuela in Maracaibo reported a UFO sighting. A bright object, accompanied with a humming noise, appeared during thunderstorm over a hut near Maracaibo, causing its occupants to display symptoms similar to radiation poisoning. Nine days later the trees surrounding the hut withered and died.

1897-04-17 Aurora Texas UFO Incident Aurora, Texas United States There were reports of an alleged UFO crash and a burial of its alien pilot in the local cemetery.

1947-07-08 Roswell UFO incident Roswell, New Mexico United States United States Army Air Forces allegedly captures a flying saucer.

2011-09-29  Varkiza Greece Huge UFO sighted by three witnesses when it appeared on the horizon above the sea, and slowly approached the coast. When it reached the coast, the size was reported to be huge. The witnesses panicked and fled the scene by car while the object was above them. They suddenly lost sight of it and it was not seen again.


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